Hasselblad detail with 400 MP multi-shot camera

Hasselblad 400 MP multi-shot camera

Sweden’s Hasselblad announced a 100-megapixel single-shot medium format camera named the H6D-100C. Now the company has injected the system with some sensor-shift. Multi shots capabilities for the upcoming release of the H6D-400C MS. which as its name suggests can help satisfy detail-obsessed professionals with insane 400-megapixel photographsin400 mp camera.

400C MS features a 100 megapixel CMOS sensor with a physical size of 53.4 x 40 mm. But the camera has been treated to a multi-shot upgrade capable of an effective resolution of 400 megapixels in 6-shot. Image capture mode, 100 MP in 4-shot mode or 100 MP in single shot mode.

To produce headline-grabbing 400 MP photos the camera’s sensor and mount are moved by a full pixel for the first four images to ensure full-color data capture and . Then the sensor is returned to its home position before a further move of half a pixel horizontally and then half a pixel vertically complete the sequence. These six images are then merged together to form a 2.4 GB, 16-bit TIFF file. At 23,200 x 17,400 resolution that’s promised to offer “an astonishing moiré free level of detail”.  For all of this to happen though, the H6D-400C MS must be tethered to a computer.

Other than its multi-shot megapixel prowess, the new H6D offers a similar user experience to other Hasselblad single shot camera systems. There’s 15 stops of dynamic range, True Focus II for. True accurate focusing throughout the image field” and an ISO range of 64 to 12.800.

The H6D-400C MS is scheduled to start shipping in March for US$47,995, meanwhile, the promo video below introduces the main feature set.

Multi-Shot technology

Hasselblad’s Multi-Shot technology is pretty straightforward: it takes four 100-megapixel images, shifting the sensor by one pixel for each capture.And then two more shots that shift the sensor by half a pixel. By combining all six stills, the resulting file is a single 400-megapixel (23200 x 17400 pixel). 16-bit TIFF file that weighs in at 2.4GB. And the images are large enough that the camera needs to tethered to a computer to capture them.

The sort of sensor-shifting technique takes a bit of time, so it’s best suited for very still scenes. You probably aren’t going to get great results trying to capture 400-megapixel shots of your kid’s next soccer match. But please try it anyway. That sounds hilarious.

The camera will go for $47,995 when it launches in March, compared to the H6D-100c’s relatively modest $27,000 price tag. So your kid better be really good at soccer.

Source-Hasselblad official website video


  • Hasselblad H6D-400c camera will go on sale from March this year
  • H6D-400c camera relies on Hasselblad’s Multi-Shot technology
  • The tethered via USB to a computer to use full resolution

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