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How to Enable Activation Lock on MAC

Shubham ButolaFeb 16, 20245 min read

Apple macOS comes with a security feature known as MAC Activation lock. That protects your computer from unauthorized access in case of computer loss…

How to fix IMU altitude error and compass error on a drone

How to Calibrate a Drone(IMU and Compass Calibration)

Shubham ButolaSep 20, 20235 min read

Did you recently purchase a new drone or planning to purchase or already own a drone? It doesn’t matter if the drone is a…

dji mini 3 pro

Capturing Aerial Beauty: DJI Mini 3 Pro for Photography

Shubham ButolaAug 27, 20239 min read

Drones have revolutionized the way we capture the world around us. Almost all drones can be seen in small villages to big cities and…

dji mini 3 pro

Why Dji Mini 3 Pro is Ultimate Travel Drone

Shubham ButolaAug 26, 202310 min read

Introduction In an era where adventure beckons and memories are waiting to be captured, having the perfect travel companion is essential. Enter the DJI…

Nano vs large drones should you upgrade

Is Upgrading from a Small Nano Drone to a Larger One a Smart Choice?

Shubham ButolaAug 24, 20234 min read

Drones have become a captivating realm of technology, sparking curiosity and interest among enthusiasts. With the ever-evolving market, choosing the right drone can be…

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