Dji Mini 4K is the new beginner’s entry-level Drone

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DJI has announced another new beginner-level professional drone camera which is named Mini 4K. It is a perfect drone for people who want a budget-friendly drone for personal and travel vlogging use from a reputed brand like DJI which is a master in making drones. The best thing about this drone is its pricing, the starting price of the Mini 4K drone is $299 for the standard version and for the fly more combo the pricing is $449.

The pricing is US pricing so in your own country the pricing may be different. Every year DJI launches its different products like drones, gimbals, action cameras, wireless microphone systems etc. But for the first time DJI launched this Mini 4K drone for beginners. This drone is equipped with a 4K camera sensor with a range of 10 Km(obviously in the line of sight).

This drone is now the cheapest commercial drone out there in the nano category drone segment. Because most DJI products are expensive, especially in the Indian market. Now let’s talk a little more about this drone.

DJI Mini 4K Drone – Key features and specs

This drone is we can say a copy of the DJI Mini 2 SE, the design language and features are inspired by Mini 2 SE which was launched last year in February. It was a good capable drone in the nano category. Some people are saying that DJI is discontinuing the Mini 2 SE but there is no official statement by the company till now I’m writing this article.

Similar to Mini 2 SE, Mini 3 and Mini 3 pro this drone comes in the nano category drone segment so it doesn’t require FAA registration or remote ID in the United states.

DJI mini 4k features

This drone is designed and developed especially for beginners and is equipped with one tap take-off and landing feature, a return-to-home feature is also included. The gimble camera system is equipped with a 12 MP, 3-axis gimbal for smooth and stable cinematic shots.

The max resolution you can shoot with this drone is 4K 60Fps, 2.7 K 60FPS and full HD at 120 Fps and it supports 4x digital zoom also.

Users who are new to drone flying can use the pre-programmed flight modes which is a unique feature in the mini-series of DJI drones.

The max flight time of DJI Mini 4K is 31 minutes as the company claims. But in real-life conditions, you will easily get 25 to 27 minutes of flight time very easily, which is a very good flight time.

The max speed of this drone is 16 meters per second in the sports mode, 7 meters per second in the cinematic mode and 10 m/s in the normal mode.

For video transmission, DJI is using DJI O2 transmission technology which is okay for such kind of beginner drone. But if DJI could give DJI O3 technology it would be great.

On paper, the specifications of the DJI Mini 4K drone are great as per the pricing, hope we will get the drone soon to test and will upload a video on our YouTube channel Garhwali Traveller. Do subscribe for the latest tech updates.

  • 3-axis gimbal 4K Camera
  • One-tap take-off and landing feature
  • Pre-programmed flight modes
  • Return to home feature
  • 31 Minutes max flight time

DJI Mini 4K Drone pricing and availability

DJI Mini 4K drone is currently not available in India. However the US pricing is $299(roughly around 25,000 INR) and $449 for fly more combo(roughly around 37000). But when the drone is available in India the pricing is going to be high because DJI is not officially available in India so all the DJI drones are sold in the Indian market through the grey market. So every dealer has its pricing, but as per my experience, the pricing is gonna be somewhere from 42,000 to 45000 and for fly more combo around 55,000 to 58,000.

Let’s see at what price the Indian sellers provide this Mini 4K drone. I recommend you to go with the fly more combo always it doesn’t matters which drone you are buying.

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