My Apple AirTag is not updating how to fix it?

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AirTag is a security device by Apple launched in the year 2021, that you can attach to your things or keep inside your bag to track it in case of loss. It is a little expensive but works very fine and accurately. Recently, Apple released some security and bug fix updates to the AirTag, but some users are facing issues with AirTag not updating. So what to do, below are some reasons that you must check and then update the air tag again.

But before we begin, let’s understand how the AirTag works, AirTags are not real-time tracking devices. They use Bluetooth and location services on your phone and then send the data to you.

The location of AirTag updates when it comes close to your iPhone range. An AirTag works with a combination of Bluetooth and location service.

Now let’s see the solution:

1- Check the Bluetooth Connectivity

As we earlier said, Bluetooth must be turned on to update the AirTag. AirTag uses your Bluetooth network to communicate with nearby Apple devices. If there are any Bluetooth connection issues, the AirTag will not update its location. So make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on your Apple devices to function the AirTag properly. It is a basic option and step to update the AirTag.

2 – Check the battery level of your AirTag

Another common reason for AirTag not updating is that maybe the battery level of your AirTag is critically low and also check the battery level of your iPhone if it goes into battery saver mode, then location service and Bluetooth may be turned off automatically. If your iPhone is not giving you a good battery backup, then you can install some battery saving apps for your iPhone. Generally, the battery of AirTag lasts for almost 1 year (the company claimed), but in some cases maybe the battery is not working properly or damaged. So in that case replace the battery and you can also check the battery status by opening the Find My app on your iPhone.

3 – Turn On Location Services

Make sure that the location services on your iPhone are turned On. You can turn it on by going to your settings or turning on the location via the control center.

Go to settings > Privacy and Security > Location services and turn it On.

Without enabling location services, you can’t use AirTag. It will not update its location accurately.

4 – Register the AirTag to your Apple ID

All Apple device users need to create an Apple ID and register their AirTag to their Apple ID. If you have a corporate ID, then it may not work with your AirTag properly. So if your AirTag is not updating, then make sure your personal Apple ID is registered to your AirTag. It allows AirTag to function properly within the Find My Network.

5 – Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Ensure that two-factor authentication is enabled on your iPhone. 2FA adds a double layer of security on your devices so that an unauthorized person or cyber hacker can’t access your devices and data. Two-factor authentication is a security feature that affects your devices, including your iPhone, iMac, MacBook and AirTag also. So to work your AirTag properly then make sure to enable 2FA on your device.

To enable 2FA go to the settings of your iPhone, tap on your name, select the password and security option and then turn on two-factor authentication.


So these were some factors that may be causing your AirTag is not be updated. If you’re still facing the issues then you can contact the official Apple customer support team on the official website of Apple or simply visit the authorized service center. Hope all your doubts are cleared, if yes then you can share this article with your friends or family who are facing the issue of AirTag not updating.


How long does AirTag last?

As per the company’s claim, the AirTag battery life is approx 1 year. But if the battery or the device has a manufacturing defect, or you use the AirTag very frequently, then your battery may have less battery life.

Does AirTags work without Bluetooth?

No, a Bluetooth connection is required for AirTags to communicate with nearby Apple devices.

AirTag updates its location without the internet?

AirTag doesn’t require any internet connection to work but relies on the Find My Network, which uses Bluetooth connectivity and your location service on your Apple device.

Can we track AirTag in real-time?

AirTags don’t provide real-time tracking, they update their location when they come into contact with your devices in the Find My Network range.

Can AirTags be used for long distances?

AirTags don’t have any significant range because of how they connect to your Apple’s Find My network. But generally, it works very fine in the Bluetooth range.

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